How it works

The things you like doing… but with the right people!  This is what Takes2 is all about.  

Takes2 enlarges the circle of people you’d like to do things with.  With Takes2 you can use the virtual world to get out there and do stuff! 

So how does it work?   

Takes 2 revolves around teetups[?] published by the members.

A teetup can propose a dinner, a movie, a game of chess, travel… all sorts of things! If you come across a teetup you like, post a comment, interact with the inviter, or "apply" for the invitation. If you’re the one who posted the teetup, you can see who has applied, view their profile, contact them and decide whether or not to invite them. And as inviter or invitee, to help you to choose, you can view the profiles of other users and learn about their interests; and in addition we provide you with a user-feedback system and the chance to post comments concerning each teetup.

Here on this page you will find explanations about how the service works. For more precise information on the terms of service and disclaimers, carefully read the Terms of Service.

Chapters: What you can do on this site - Registration - How to invite - Interaction between members - Notifications - Payments - T2s

What you can do on this site

If you're not registered with the site, you cannot do anything except reading about the service, learning how it works and registering.
The reason for this is that teetups published by our members have a personal component and we don't want just any anonymous user to browse through such invitations.
(In some cases individual teetups, anonymized and without exact location information, may be use as examples or be shared with other social channels and therefore be visible to non-registered users, but no sensitive information like names, photos or addresses will be displayed.) 

Once you’re registered, you can:

1) Look through the teetups that our users have posted. On the homepage you can see the most recent teetupd in your area and around your interests. On the "Search" page you can filter the teetups according to date / time, location, category and keyword. Besides, you can narrow the search down based on information in the profiles of those who have posted the teetups (eg. age, gender, type of interest etc.)

2) Apply for a teetup (if you have enough T2s in your account, see here).

3) Publish teetups yourself (you don't need T2s for this, you may actually earn some from other participants, see below).

4) Give more information on yourself improving your profile, so that people know more about you and are more likely to ask to go to one of your invitations or accept your request to go to theirs.

What’s more, if you want – rapidly - to find only those teetups that match your interests, you can save one or more searches, so that all the criteria needed can be set up once and for all, and you can launch the search with a single click any time you want.  And you will receive an email when a new teetup meeting the criteria in your “saved search” criteria turns up.

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To be able to post a teetup you must first register / sign up with the site. You can register on the homepage clicking on “Create new profile”. Some information in the registration is required, other information is optional. It is strongly recommended that you provide as much information as possible: other users will be more likely to apply (for your invitation) or accept you (for their invitation) if they know something about you.

You can always go back and add, or edit, information on your profile later on, using the link "My profile" in left menu.

In the registration form you will be asked to choose a language: choose carefully because this will be the language in which you will see the site from then on and the default language of your invitations.

At the end of the registration process the system will send you an email with a link to confirm your email address. The confirmation email has a deadline: if you miss the confirmation request, or do not confirm your email address before the deadline, you can log in to the site again, click on Edit your profile and then on "Re-send confirmation email".

WARNING: the registration will not be complete unless you have clicked on the link to confirm your email address.

The confirmation of your email address (which is not made visible to other users) acts as some form of guarantee for other users of the service about your traceability (and for you about theirs). More information about this on the "Information and terms of use" page

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Let’s post a teetup!

Once registered and logged in to the site, you will find the link "New teetup" in the left menu.

It is important to give a meaningful title to your teetup and add a description. Please respect all forms of netiquette. Remember that once you interact with another user that person has the possibility of "rating" you or even report you as abusive.

You must indicate an invitation date. Even if the teetup concerns a repeated event, you have to create a separate teetup for each date: this operation is facilitated by the link "Clone / repeat invitation" available with each teetup: by clicking on this link you create a new teetup which is identical to the first; just change the date (and it is advisable to modify the title slightly, adding a number or a note indicating that it is a series).

It is also important to indicate a place, especially since the departure point for most user searches is a town or city.
Important: you should provide the exact address of the place where you invite people. The exact address will be visible only to the people who have applied for your invitation and that you have accepted; all other users will only see the area (town and zip code). The system needs the exact address also to "geolocate" the teetup and display it to people who live nearby.

It's highly recommended to choose a nice image to accompany the teetup to make it more attractive: you can upload one from your computer or choose one from our stock images.

Posts that are not real invitations will be deleted; posts that contain inappropriate language and improper comments on other users will be deleted.
"Not real invitations" include also advertising and disguised advertising (see out Terms of service): the system is for personal invitations by individuals (accounts can only be created by individuals, not by companies or commercial entities).

You can also translate your teetup into other languages. Normally, you can write the teetup in any language you want (the system records the site-language you are using, so it will consider your teetup to be in that language) and it will be displayed in whatever language you used regardless of the navigation language of other users. In addition you can click on the link "Translate" above your teetup, and provide translations into other languages and users who navigate the website in those languages will see the corresponding translations.

Please note: we will enable other languages on the site. Meanwhile, you can also use a language which is not enabled on the site: the invitation will be stored in the language you have selected in your profile.

Once the date has passed, the teetup goes into the archive (the archive is always accessible from the search page and from your invitations pages) and is no longer editable. No other action (add it to favorites, apply, accept proposals etc.,) can be performed on a teetup which has already been archived, except clone it / repeat it (for the user who has posted it) and add comments only for one additional week.

You always have access to all the teetups that you have published by clicking on "Teetups where I invite" in the left menu.

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Just start using the site! It’s fun, it’s a game. If you want to know about the background mechanisms, read on!

The flow is as follows:

  • User A, registered with the site, publishes a teetup.
  • Users B and C, both registered with the site, see the teetup and find it interesting.
  • User B is very interested and decides to apply for the teetup: on the invitation page he clicks on "Count me in".
  • User C is interested but doesn’t want to apply straightaway: he clicks on "Add to Favorites", so he can view the post again at a later time in his “Favorites".
  • If User A has activated the email notification option, he receives an email telling him that user B  has applied for the teetup. Also, when he goes to his list "Teetups where I invite", he sees a list of interested users (those who have added the teetup to their Favourites) and a list of members who have applied.
  • User A can view the profiles of all those who have applied and choose whom he wants to "accept". User A also has at his disposal a link which will allow him to start a private chat simultaneously with all users who have applied and have been accepted, for example about times, meeting places, practical arrangements…  
  • Once user B has applied for user A's teetup and has been accepted, they become reciprocal "contacts" and from that moment on they will be allowed to exchange personal messages.
  • User B may withdraw from the teetup at any time (by clicking on "I withdraw" on the invitation page, or on his "Teetups where I participate" page). User A can always reject user B, even after an initial acceptance. All users have the freedom to withdraw or decline the invitation right up to the last moment. We advise all users to keep email notifications enabled to avoid missing notifications of last-minute acceptances /rejections/withdrawals.
  • Users A and B, based on messages exchanged and a meeting – if one has taken place - , may express favourable or unfavourable opinions about each other. These assessments concern perceived behaviour and reliability of the person, not his personality or agreeableness. Assessments are only indications for any other users potentially interested in a person’s profile - for example if that person has behaved properly or not, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Confirmed participants in a teetup are also allowed to post comments on user A’s teetup for one week. Comments are monitored closely.
  • Both the author of the teetup and the confirmed participants receive two reminders, one the day before and one a few hours before the event.
  • All teetups are kept in the archive and users always have access to the lists of teetups posted and accepted with links to the profiles of the people involved, as well as to all the comments and feedback they have received.
  • Once the date has passed, the teetup goes into the archive (the archive is always accessible from the search page and from the "Where I invite" and "Where I participate" pages) and is no longer editable. No other action (add it to favorites, apply, accept proposals etc.,) can be performed on a teetup which has already been archived, except clone it/ repeat it (for the user who has posted it) and add comments for an additional week.

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Unless deliberately disabled by the user on his profile pages, email notifications are automatically enabled.

You will receive email notifications:

  • at the time of registration;
  • when a user applies for one of your teetups;
  • when a user withdraws from one of your teetups;
  • when your ”application” for another user’s teetup is accepted;
  • when your ”application” for another user’s teetup is rejected;
  • when a user sends you a private message;
  • when someone comments on one of your teetup;
  • one day and a few hours before the teetup takes place.

You can always have a summary of all of these events on the website uner the corresponding menu links. On the "Messages" section, you always have access to all the private messages sent and received; on your "Teetups where I invite" and "Teetups where I participate" pages you always have access to all the invitations you’re involved in with a summary of the status (accepted, rejected, etc.).

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We at Takes2 think that access to user-generated content should not be free!
In services where it is free, it is free either because it's a public service and therefore actually paid for by taxpayers, or in the case of big private platforms because a large number of contributors provide the content that makes the service successful but don’t gain anything from it.

We think it is more sustainable and correct to set up a system of micro payments, which rewards a little those members who are more active and provide the content (teetups) and charges a little those who use the content (e.g. go to other people's invitations).

So, we use a system of micro-payments for some transactions on the website (e.g. being accepted for a teetup, accepting someone for a teetup).

These micro-payments, crediting or debiting minimum amounts to your account, are made automatically by the system using a local virtual currency called T2 (teetoo). Each time a user accepts another user to a teetup, the system executes a micro-payment from the t2 account of the accepted user to the t2 account of the inviter. For this reason, you need to have a minimum amount of t2s in your account before you can apply for a teetup.

The t2 account can be recharged at any time by purchasing a package of t2s (going to "My teetoos" and clicking on "Top up my account"). The payment transation is managed by Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account: the Paypal interface allows you to choose the "Pay with a credit card" or "I don't have a Paypal account" option)

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If you're not interested in micro-payment and virtual currency systems, you can stop reading here and just be aware that you can't apply for a teetup if you dont have T2s in your account and you will have to pay a little in this currency when you go to invitations: the system will ask you to top up your account when necessary.

But you may want to learn about this, it’s a game and it can reward you!

NOTICE: This micro-payment system and the use of the T2 virtual currency are highly experimental.
Therefore, there may be some fine-tuning over the first year, but the basic approach, charging a little those who go to invitations and crediting a little those who invite, will remain the same.

Takes2 has a virtual micro-currency called t2 (or "teetoo").

The exchange rate is:

1 € = 100 t2

T2s are credited to your account either automatically because someone participated in one of your teetups or for purchasing them in small packages when needed (going to "My teetoos" and clicking on "Top up account").

The essence of the system is that T2s are credited to members who actively contribute to the service (by publishing teetups and then accepting people who apply for them) and T2s are debited to members who use the service in a more passive way (just going to invitations published by others) and therefore benefit from the initiative of more active members. In short, every time a member accepts another member for one of his/her teetups he "earns" T2s, while every time a member has his "application" accepted for a teetup he "spends" T2s. In these transactions, part of the t2s paid by the guest goes to the platform and part goes to the inviter.

Every user has a T2 account with two types of teetoos: 

1) The Cash T2s:
- T2s that are purchased
- T2s that are earned for accepting people who applied for one's teetups, IF the invitee paid with Cash T2s
Since these T2s correspond to real payments, in the future the Cash T2s will become monetizable (at the indicated exchange rate, excluding transaction and currency conversion costs). These special T2s will be monetizable at the end of each fiscal year for one month: there will be a notice on the website when the monetization month starts.

2) The Virtual T2s:
- T2s that have been awarded as bonuses or as perks in crowdfunding campaigns.
- T2s that are earned for accepting people who applied for one's teetups, IF the invitee paid with Virtual T2s
Virtual T2s cannot be cashed, but only used to go to invitations.

As long as you have enough T2s - of either type - in your account, you can apply and go to teetups. Otherwise the system will ask you to top up the account using Paypal or a credit card via Paypal.


1) Users have no way of knowing if their invitees will pay with cash T2s or virtual T2s, as we don't want users to accept invitees based on the type of T2s they have: the objective of an invitation is to have fun, micro-payments are only a small incentive and a corrective mechanism to share revenue with active contributors.

2) When T2s are transferred from the invitee to the inviter, precedence is given to cash T2s; virtual T2s will be taken only if there are no more cash T2s available in the account. Preference is always given to the circulation of cash T2s.