Takes2: the idea

About us and our idea

We are a small start-up. Not the usual “young” start-up: we’re not exactly spring chickens, so though we have embraced technology entirely and use social media on a daily basis, we were not born in a virtual world and are still quite fond of real offline life. And we thought other people like us might want to go beyond the virtual and use the web to make actual social life more interesting.

So this is Takes2

Takes2 wants to tackle the real challenges of a quality everyday social life, especially at a time when increasing mobility disrupts traditional friendship patterns: finding the right people to do things with. This is not just dating or forming groups and networks or generically “socializing”; this is about doing specific things you like doing with people whose company you will enjoy!

Takes2 revolves around what we call "teetups". Teetups are open invitations, something more than mere invitations: they're offers of unique experiences with the right company. Teetups can be about dinner, a movie, a game of chess, travel… all sorts of things.

And of course it revolves around people: users tell us about their interests, the books they’ve read, the music they like, so that everybody can choose to share an activity with the right person - and this goes for both the inviters and the invitees. We want people to find quality invitations and have quality relationships with each other: no spam, no annoying random messages from just anyone; feedback mechanisms and above all good search criteria to find really interesting invitations posted by interesting people.

And we also want a quality relationship between us and the users of the platform: 1) they pay only if they achieve their goal (they are invited to do something and then they actually go) and they pay very little; there are no registration fees and no recurring fees; 2) we respect users’ rights to their data (we don’t disclose them or sell them, and users can export their own data and re-use them); and 3) we want to reward users for contributing to the platform.
Users pay and are paid in a virtual currency called teetoo (T2).

The Impact

We believe that Takes2 can become a revolutionary platform. Perhaps it’s not the first one of its kind, but there are some underlying principles and beliefs that we think make it unique. We’d like to think of Takes2 as the “the missing piece in social networking”.

1. Online2offline for a more interesting social life

Have you ever heard of the concept Online2Offline? It has become very fashionable but only as applied to commerce: it describes those businesses working to fill the gap between virtual and real commerce and it recognizes that the “offline” component adds the value of geo-localization and personalization to online commerce.

We think this is even truer for social life: the “goods” that we want to bring from online to offline are interesting people and interesting things to do together.

Chatting with people and seeing their life on social channels can never be compared to eating with them at that special restaurant you always wanted to try or going to see that niche foreign movie together that nobody else wants to see!

However, we don’t want to “go back” to offline: we recognize that the web has huge influence in reaching people everywhere.
Work and private life are increasingly less - and for shorter time spans - linked to specific places, so you don’t always have enough time to find friends through “physical roaming”; increasing mobility works against traditional friendship patterns (and socializing gets harder with age...). Online platforms help overcome these barriers.

So we want to go beyond online (but using what online can offer) towards a better offline social life!

2. Beyond dating and groups

Of course, Takes2 will not deny that it might become the best dating site of all social platforms. But dating for the sake of dating is not what takes2 is about.

And Takes2 can also become a means of building networks and forming big groups.

However, the core business of Takes2 is facilitating quality encounters based on common interests, helping people find others who might want to do certain things together.

Life is made up of all the small things you do every day and in many cases you want to do them with another person or as part of a small group simply because doing them alone is either no fun or simply not feasible (think of playing a game of tennis).

  • “Who wants to play table tennis with me next Sunday?“
  • “I found great fresh fish at the market and wish to have gourmet guests for dinner“
  • “I’ve just read Jared Diamond‘s latest book. Who is interested in discussing it over drinks?“
  • “My husband doesn’t like ballet. Who wants to buy ballet season tickets with me?”
  • “I’ve written  a new song and I want a small competent audience with the same musical tastes as me“.
  • “A dinner out to any expert who can explain string theory to me”
  • “I’ve written a short story, I’m looking for fantasy fans that want to read it“

3. Rewarding users

You may have heard that debates already exist about whether users who provide social platforms with data and contents - contents which become the core asset of the platform - should be rewarded by the platform owners for helping to make it what it is.

We believe that users should be rewarded for making the platform successful. This is why we will award teetoos to users who publish invitations: they will get most of what those responding to their invitations (and who are accepted) pay. This is a way for us to include users in the revenue scheme.

Regarding our virtual currency, the teetoos, it is important to stress that it is conceived as a local micropayment system and is not a crypto-currency. It has a standard exchange rate with the EUR of 100 T2s = 1 EUR and cannot be used or exchanged except on the Takes2 platform (and hopefully on some partner platforms in the future).

4. Free vs. paid, and the value of data

We know people are used to the idea that social platforms are free. Yet we also know that these channels are not really free: users “donate” their data to the platform. “Free” services can survive only as monopolies that mine and sell members’ data. On the other hand, people pay insanely high fees for dating services, so the opinion that no one would pay for internet services is not really backed by facts.

Since we believe that offering a service has a value and operating the service has its costs - but we also believe that data should remain the property of the users of the platform - the use of Takes2 is not completely free: those who respond to invitations and are accepted pay a small amount, those who have posted the invitation get part of the payment and Takes2 gets the remaining percentage

In turn, users keep full ownership rights to their data and can get them back (download them in a standard format) whenever they like.

How you can contribute

The most important thing you can do is register to Takes2 and publish teetups!

But you can help the platform succeed in other ways: